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1st Mobile Horse Whole Body-Cryotherapy Manufacturing in the USA

Providing First Class Recovery & Wellness for horses of all backgrounds.

100% made in America, our Mobile & Stationary Whole Body Cryotherapy Chambers are expertly crafted for productivity, safety & effectiveness. Our client focused manufacturing offers customization options to suit your individual needs.

Our Mission,
To bring world class Equestrian Cryotherapy Recovery & Wellness directly to You!
We make it possible to have horse Cryotherapy where you need it,

when you need it.

The Journey to Equine Cryo
15 years ago, as a small private company, our founder was thrilled to become the 1st USA based public provider of Human Whole Body Cryotherapy.

From the start he knew Whole Body Cryotherapy was a truly impactful experience that would revolutionize the wellness industry.
He was absolutely right!

Through extensive client experience and working closely with the industries top professionals we have seen first hand the undeniable positive results Cryotherapy provides. From performance therapy to biomechanical support, Whole Body Cryotherapy has been scientifically proven to
offer a host of health and wellness benefits. 

With its phenomenal global growth, Cryotherapy is now one of the highest sought after wellness treatments of the times; we are proud to have been along the entire way.

Equine Cryo Mobile Chamber
Innovation is a part of our breeding & as our cryo practice evolved it occurred to us; if WBC is so successful with humans, it would be just as supportive to animals.
As a family of horse enthusiasts we thought, what better place to expand our knowledge of Cryotherapy than with one of the most dynamic animals we know.
From there mobile horse cryotherapy became our mission.

Expertly Crafted,
Researched Based Manufacturing

Equine Cryo, offering our US Made Mobile Horse Chamber direct to customs or distributors.

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